Patrick Balkany is expressed after the suicide attempt of his wife Isabella

It didn’t take a long time to wait before having the reaction of Patrick Balkany after the announcement of the attempted suicide of his wife Isabella (71). On the 1st of may in the evening, the deputy mayor (LR) of Levallois-Perret posted a long message of distress on Facebook before ingesting a large quantity of drugs. As revealed by our confreres of Paris, his life is no longer in danger. Information confirmed by her husband at the micro RTL, on Thursday.

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She has written a post to Facebook yesterday, before taking a ton of drugs, to make so-called ‘the big nap’ as she wrote. I believe she has said it all, everything written, said the mayor of Levallois 70 years of age. She sleeps, she is in the hospital, she recovers. It will be difficult to recover from it, she was very heavily impacted. She thought that this struggle was terrible. She has done many many things in her life, she has spent her life caring for others and I have to say that it was sometimes extremely touched by the remarks made by some.

A witness who echoes the long message that Isabelle Balkany was released on Facebook before moving on to the act:’#Jesuisfatiguée of this world in violence, unbearable, unbearable… (…) #Jesuisfatiguée that a violation of tax which has not, of course, no excuse, but that has, at least, of the ‘explanations’ family transformed into a ‘crime’, has written that which must appear, the next may 13 in front of the correctional court of Paris with her husband for tax fraud. #Jesuisfatiguée to see the suffering of the man of my life (…). I’ve never asked myself that in any case the ‘victim’, but, before passing judgment on my life, first try to follow my route, at once so simple and so complicated.” It was then concluded thus : “As it is Labour day, I’ll take the opportunity to make a big nap…