Patrick Sébastien demanding, grumpy, “bad faith”… the director tells

A great page turns for Patrick Sébastien. This Saturday, may 11, 2019, France 2 broadcasts the final episode of Years of happiness, tour last February. This will be the last time that the host 65 years of age will appear on the chain since he was ousted, after twenty-three years on the public service. On this occasion, its director, Bernard Gonner has entrusted to our confreres of Paris on their collaboration, which had lasted twenty years.

It was in 1998 that he was hired by Patrick Sébastien. And the man of 75 years he still remembers what he told him at their meeting : “You have the flop, you gotta love the food. We are going to hear.” Very quickly, he attached himself to his boss and vice versa. The presenter was very soon praised for his choice of plans. And know-how, he did not want Bernard Gonner, sharing with his competitors : “Patrick, I was never forbidden to work elsewhere, but it has made me realize that I would resume after. He wanted him to be faithful and that our know-how does not benefit another. His orders, it was put in before the numbers of artists, who have worked like crazy all year round, for that they are perfect. Moreover, Jacques Chirac was sending him messages frequently when it was a great show. He loved to watch Patrick.

He always wanted to have the final choice

In twenty years of collaboration, the filmmaker has stories to tell about Patrick Sébastien. Like the fact that he always had to “adjust the light so that his blue eyes stand out“. And when the facilitator had taken a bit of weight, not a matter of filming “the skin of his throat“. “A bit like Chimene Badi, who doesn’t want to be filmed too close“, he says.

His boss was “a producer in the american” who “has a word” and “a prodigious memory“. “He always wanted to have the final choice. Patrick insisted on the fact that it was him who put the money and did what he wanted with. He is in control of everything, even the angle of the cameras. When there was something that pleased him not, he told cash. I was sometimes left ten messages on my answering machine in the middle of the night to change the mounting. Patrick, it’s also a lot of bad faith. It may change your mind in the minute. He groans, it’s loud, it’s boring, but in the end, it is a pleasure to work for him“, he adds.

Bernard Gonner has not hidden that after his ouster, Patrick Sebastian had entrusted to his teams that he “did not have a lot of respect for some people in the direction of France Télévisions“. Everyone had hoped that she changes her mind. Unfortunately, she didn’t come back on its decision.

Not a goodbye, but goodbye

Patrick Sébastien has therefore had to make his goodbye, on to of Cyrano, in the program of this evening. He then performed his popular tube Sardines before you go out on “a slow motion to the Claude Lelouch“. He hopes to quickly make his return to television. In a video released on YouTube on 8 may last, he said : “I’ll tell you goodbye, not farewell. And you never know, we’ll may-be somewhere.

Pending projects are presented, Patrick Sébastien will continue to play his show Before I forget. “I still have many of the concepts of tele to propose, but, for the moment, they don’t call me. So I’m going to continue to write songs, telefilms, drama“, he told Tv Leisure.

According to The Parisian, he has been contacted by TF1 for a project to telefilm. Matter to follow therefore…