Patrick Sébastien : His last greatest Cabaret in the world, between joy and pain

A great page of the tv turns on Saturday 4 may 2019 ! From 21h, Patrick Sébastien will start the ultimate number of the greatest Cabaret of the world on France 2. The facilitator tiere also its reference after twenty-three years of good and loyal services on the public channel, which decided to dismiss it. To say a final goodbye, the star of 65 years has not done things by half and has invited many personalities.

Patrick Sebastien will welcome the friend of the stars Bernard Montiel, the journalist Maya Lauqué, the facilitator Faustina Bolmaert or even the sports commentator Nelson Monfort. Facilitators Marie-Ange Nardi, Bruno Guillon and Sébastien Folin were also of the party. Not to forget Amanda Scott, Olivier Delacroix, Caroline Ithurbide, the dancer Chris Marques and comedian Willy Rovelli. Very talented, the artists invited to the event will be the show throughout the evening to make this evening unforgettable.

Despite hearings satisfying (2.4 million followers on average in 2018), and a beautiful story that began in December 1998, The greatest Cabaret of the world will leave many viewers orphans. In an interview granted to our colleagues from Télé 7 jours, Patrick Sébastien is expressed on the end of his show, the iconic “I am especially sad for my staff and the two million viewers who followed me regularly, “he confessed.

Patrick Sebastien will return on the 11th of may to the last broadcast of the program Years of happiness, a program that had been deprogrammed after the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris.