Patrick Sebastien with his daughter Lily : an emotional goodbye to the last great

On Saturday nights on France 2 will probably be a lot less festive. On may 11, 2019, Patrick Sébastien presented, for the last time in Years happiness. The facilitator of 65 years has been ousted after twenty-three years of good and loyal services on the second string. Tal, Gérard Lenorman, the Knights of The fiel, Serge Lama or Magic System have made the show to offer an end worthy of the name in the program.

The last words of Patrick Sébastien on France 2

And, no surprise, Patrick Sébastien has not failed to address a few words to his audience in the end of the program. He first thanked the public service for “him, having trusted for twenty-three years“. “I don’t have a grudge on what happens, because there are far worse things in life. My mom, as many have known here, had always told me : ‘This is not the end of something, it is always the beginning of something else.’ I wanted to also tell you that of course this evening, I have an infinite sadness to leave the team and especially to let you you. I know that you are still in the millions to look at us. There are people who have said to me : ‘we’ll miss You.’ But I promise you that me also you are going to miss me”, he added.

Patrick Sebastian then says proud to do “is never betrayed“, and the public at the same time, popular television programs and in resisting both “[he has] been able to the well-pensance and the politically correct”. “I got to the end and I held good. (…) Because the mode will be cultural entertainment, I wanted to bring my stone to the edifice of culture in you reciting to circumstance. It turns out that these are my to favorite. This is the verses that conclude Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand.(…) This is something that without a fold, without a spot, I take in spite of you, it is….my panache, “he concluded before to interpret her tube popular Sardines. At the end of the show, he invited, for the first time her adopted daughter Lily (11 years old). His wife Nathalie was also present to turn this big page in the life of her husband.

Personalities react

During this last broadcast, there are many personalities to have sent a word to Patrick Sebastien. “35 years of career tv, I’m very very moved. Thank You Patrick Sébastien ! A great gentleman ! #lesanneesbonheur #PatrickSebastien ! We’ll miss you you and your beautiful popular tv, the one that you love. Necessary. Thank you for your generosity And your support“, a hand written example Enora Malagré.

For his part, Laurent Delahousse has had a few words to the presenter at the end of his JT : “A friendly hi to Patrick Sebastian this evening for the last number of Years happiness. Thanks to him and to all of its teams.” Patrick Sébastien doesn’t give up the tv. In the meantime as projects present themselves, he will continue to play his show Before I forget. “I still have many of the concepts of tele to propose, but, for the moment, they don’t call me. So I’m going to continue to write songs, telefilms, drama“, he told Tv Leisure. According to The Parisian, he has been contacted by TF1 for a project to telefilm.

For the last, Years, happiness has brought together a 2.95 million viewers (15.8% of market share).