Pauline Ducruet : Sublime mermaid in a bikini with her sister Camille in Morocco

The advantage when one is rich, and you don’t need to work, is that you can travel as many as you want. It is this dream-life that lead Camille Gottlieb and his half-sister, Pauline Ducruet, two girls, Stephanie of Monac. On their accounts in the Instagram of the respective document regularly their wanderings to the four corners of the world. Friday 3 may 2019, we learned that the two heiresses were in Morocco, a few hours before Pauline Ducruet do celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Marrakech and its 26 degrees have been the theatre of the adventures of the two sisters. Camille and Pauline had naturally chosen a hotel of very good quality for their getaway in morocco, the palace La Mamounia and its luxurious suites. The pretty Monaco are precipitated in one of the many hotel swimming pools, to enjoy a great day of relaxation. “1,2,3 RELAX, “writes Pauline Ducruet in the caption of a photo posted on his account Instagram, where she poses on a sun lounger in a bikini with sequins.

Camille Gottlieb has also published a memento of a vacation on Instagram. Its subscribers have been able to discover in the process of taking the pose on the side of her sister, at the edge of the pool. A tender moment of complicity between the heirs, acclaimed by more than 1,000 worshippers. On his story Instagram, we learn some details about their stay : breakfast of a king, spa, swimming pool, mosaics, and especially the bath, Camille Gottlieb, who seemed especially soothing. “Never I go back to Monaco“, she said from her bath. A weekend that has only just started since Pauline will blow the 25 candles Saturday, may 4…