Peter Mayhew : The actor of Chewbacca (Star Wars) died

They did not know his face, but the fans of Star Wars are today mourning the loss of Peter Mayhew. At 74 years of age, who had been endorsed for many years the costume of the famous Chewbacca died, Tuesday, April 30, 2019. “He left us when he was with his family at his home in North Texas, “said his relatives on his Twitter account, Thursday, may 2, 2019. Today, it is all the universe of Star Wars which is in the sentence, starting with his colleagues in the saga.

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He was a good friend and I am saddened of his death, “says George Lucas. Peter Mayhew had continued to camp the famous Wookie up in The Wake of the Force in 2015, before being replaced because of health problems. It was the most gentle of the giants. A great man with a heart even bigger, which never failed to make me smile, and a loyal friend that I loved deeply, “he has paid tribute on Twitter Mark Hamill, who has worked as Luke Skywalker. We have been partners in the cinema and friends in the life for over thirty years, and I loved him, “said Harrison Ford, the smuggler Han Solo in the series, to the announcement of his death. Peter Mayhew has “breathed his soul into the character” and “Chewbacca has played an important role in the success of the movies that we have shot together, “continued the actor. Like millions of others, I will never forget Peter and what he has brought to all, ” writes Harrison Ford in its press release.

Peter Mayhew was born in London in 1944. At the end of its growth, it peaked 2,21 meters, which allowed him to pick up the role of a Minotaur in Sinbad and the eye of the tiger, in 1976. The following year, he met George Lucas in the hope of turning in the first installment. Peter Mayhew had almost had to stand up from the sofa where he was sitting to convince George Lucas to hire him, had he told in 2013. “Roughly speaking, the interview summary to it. He turned to Gary [Kurtz, the producer] and said, ‘I think we found it’“.

Since his retirement, Peter Mayhew , used a wheelchair. Fans of the saga will be able to collect the beginning of December 2019 in Los Angeles during the EmpireCon, where some of his personal effects will be gathered. Already thousands of messages of condolence poured in on the social networks.