Philippe Lellouche : The ex-husband of Vanessa Demouy confess his infidelities

In The Invitation, Gad Elmaleh plays the role of Daniel, a naughty unfaithful husband who has invented an imaginary friend to hide his wife (embodied by Lucie Jeanne), his activities with other women. Until the day when the latter asks him to invite the famous boyfriend. Daniel asks a stranger, Charlie (Philippe Lellouche), to take on the role of this fake best friend for the night.

Bouncing on the main theme of the play currently playing at the théâtre de La Madeleine, the magazine Change has obtained the confidences of Philippe Lellouche on the subject. For the actor and stage director, 53 years of age, infidelity should not be considered a taboo subject. “This is neither good nor evil, but it is a fact that men have mistresses since the dawn of time. There are even some men who are proud to have a mistress, “defends it. For the big brother of Gilles Lellouche, infidelity is “something intrinsic to the Latin culture“, as opposed to that of the Americans.

And then Philippe Lellouche talks about his own case, and admit you went to see elsewhere. It does not mention his marriage, and his divorce with Vanessa Demouy, but they are still underlying. “From experience, I think that being unfaithful does not necessarily happier…”, he says.

In September 2018, Vanessa Demouy had announced his break with the one who shared his life for the past seventeen years and with whom she had two children (Solal, which is celebrating its 16 years from 17 may, and Sharlie, 7 years). The actress, 46 years old , had understood her husband’s infidelity : “I don’t know of any woman that accepts the light heart does not have the exclusivity of her husband…”

Six months later, Philippe Lellouche had formalized its new love affair with another Vanessa, Vanessa Boisjean. The couple welcomed its first child, in July last, a small girl.

The full interview of Philippe Lellouche is back in the magazine Change, the number of 12 to 17 may 2019.