Pixar : Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, met in the first trailer of “Before”

The collaboration of Disney and Pixar is successful and the studios are embarking on a new adventure. No reboot or adaptation, but an original story on a background of fantasy. In the first trailer, we discover the city of MushroomTon, where the heroes of the epic novel, live a quiet life. The dragons, playing with pets, unicorns are seen by all as pests, and the hooters tan in the sun by scrolling on their smartphones. Two brothers elves will go on an adventure to discover if this world once wonderful still hiding magic. The director of Monsters Academy, Dan Scanlon, returns to the commands of a feature-length Pixar and he surrounds himself with the best. Those who participated in the writing of the script, with C. s. Anderson, made a call to Jeff Danna and Mychael Danna for the music of the film. The duo has won the oscar for best music for life of Pi in 2013.

The Avengers rally !

Casting also, there is the beautiful world, as Tom Holland and Chris Pratt lend their voices to the main characters. The two actors meet again after having shared the screen in Avengers : Infinity War. and they share a real chemistry, according to Dan Scanlon. In an interview with People, he says “They are clearly friends. They have worked together, hauled together. It was funny to sit and watch them laugh at one another.” The interpreter of Spider-Man will be the younger and more shy of the brothers, while Chris Pratt will lend her voice to the big-brother Barley. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld) will be also of the party in the role of the mother of the two elves, just as Octavia Spencer (the color of The feelings) in an unknown role for the time being. No information for the moment on the French voices, you will still have to wait a bit to know who will have the pleasure of playing as the characters.

To discover this epic adventure, it will take some patience, since the Front will land in theaters on march 4 next.