Playstation 5 : The next console from Sony could come out in 2020, and cost nearly 500 €

Credits StockSnap via Pixabay CC

The analysis is accurate, and to Hideki Yasuda, analyst at Ace Research Institute and a leading expert in the field of video game. According to its latest estimates, reported by Twinfinite, the new home console from Sony will be released in November 2020, and it will cost about 499 $or 499 € in Europe. A price that is slightly higher than the PlayStation 4 at the time of its release, but much lower than the PlayStation 3, posted to 599€ day one. If the rates may seem a little high, it is nevertheless consistent with what Sony has already implied, and Mark Cerny, lead architect of PlayStation had already mentioned “a recommended retail price that will satisfy the players”.

For Hideki Yasuda, the new Sony PlayStation is expected to experience a huge success at the time of its release, with nearly 6 million consoles passed before march 2021, the end of its fiscal year. 15 million copies would be even expected by 2022, which would be a first very positive for the new console generation for the brand. Well decided to focus on “the elimination of the faults of the PS4”, the japanese manufacturer hopes to strengthen its position as market leader, and resist the cloud gaming initiated by Google Stadia.

Despite this announcement enticing, the PlayStation 4 still has some beautiful days ahead of it. If Sony has not for the time mentioned no official release date, the brand has already announced that the new console would not see the light of day before April 2020. Remains to be seen whether these predictions will prove accurate…