Playstation was not expecting the announcement of the collaboration between Microsoft and Sony about cloud gaming

Credits jklugiewicz via Pixabay CC

Rivals since their debut in the industry of gaming, Microsoft and Sony have recently surprised their players by announcing a few days ago, the signing of a collaboration agreement unpublished. Convinced that the future of the video game is on the cloud, and that we advance and better supported, both manufacturers have announced their willingness to share their resources on data centers common company Azure, based in Redmond, state of Washington, and owned by Microsoft. An amazing new promises that (almost) inevitably change the industry of gaming, but to which teams of PlayStation were visibly not at all prepared.

If the official announcement says that the project began last year, a recent article published by Bloomberg reveals that the majority of the teams PlayStation has discovered this new collaboration at the same time as the rest of the world. A revelation rather amazing, when you know that the PlayStation 4 of Sony is now the console most sold in the market, and that the PlayStation 5 is going to naturally follow the same path, while branching off to the cloud gaming.

While the giants of the GAFA are working currently on their own cloud gaming service, as it is the case for example with Google or Amazon, and that other companies such as Netflix already a way to get a foothold in the market, the collaboration between Microsoft and Sony sounds like the promise of a service in addition, the scale for the time unparalleled from the two behemoths. Don’t worry, it is not (for the time) no question of any redemption of the share of one party or the other.