Pokémon Rumble Rush and Lego Tower soon in the hands of the players

The Pokémon games follow without too much look like, finally. The Pokémon Company has launched today a new title, Pokémon Rumble Rush, which made its appearance first on the Android ; it will also be available on iOS, as quickly as possible, hopefully, because even when we talk about Pokémon here.

The game, which had been announced two years ago under the name Pokéland, is part of the series Pokémon Rumble was developed by Ambrella, more focused on action and fighting. This new title, developed by the same studio, has been adapted specifically for touch screens.

The player is invited to explore an island in order to collect critters, so far, nothing very original : it is enough to touch a place to go, and tap it on a wild creature to fight it. The game can be controlled with one hand.

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Over the fighting and adventure, it retrieves objects which will strengthen the Pokémon of his choice. The game offers hunters adventurers to new places, and new adventures to be discovered every two weeks. We have not yet heard the last of these friendly critters on our mobile platforms : DeNA, to whom we owe a good part of the games for iOS and Android, Nintendo is currently developing its own Pokémon game.

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Since we are between players aesthetes, note also the launch of the pre-order for Lego Tower, the last game of the studio NimbleBit. As in the series of the Tower, it is to build a tower with more floors to accommodate more people. It will be necessary to alternate between the apartments and the shops, all with briquettes. The game, free, will be available on the 1st of July.