Pornhub reveals the research and the favourite categories of French visitors

The new batch of data to Pornhub is there. And she raises, as usual, a small corner of the veil over the habits of internet users.

Research the most popular in France

The French have the odds on Pornhub FR. “In comparison with the research in the world, the pornography, the so-called ‘local’ is still proportionally more popular in France to 2018” note the platform. “French” is in the first rank, while “French” rose by 11 places. The game Fortnite on its entry in the classification and the research related to the reality television explode (+474%).

Visitors on Pornhub

The proportion of women who visit Pornhub has increased in 2018, and have now reached 29%. It can be noted that their top 3 research is not very different from that of men : Lesbian /Japanese / Hentai for the first, Japanese / MILF / Hentai for the latter. But they seem to have more of a vested interest for the IMSR erotic than their male counterparts.

“Hentai” and “Cartoon” are most popular with Android users

Pornhub is fun to compare users ‘ queries to Apple and Android. And if the results do not vary much in the background there are still a few minor differences. On Pornhub, categories Hentai and Cartoon are as well more popular among the Android users as by the followers of the firm to the apple. Conversely, these latter seem to be more fond of “big tits” videos and “outdoor”.

Attendance world

In 6th position, France is quite high in the rankings behind the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Japan and Canada, but ahead of Germany, Australia, Italy, or Brazil. It should be noted that the average age of internet users is receding a little on Pornhub and now stands at 35.5 years.