Prince Harry in the arms of a pretty brunette at the wedding of Gabriella Windsor

Almost a year to the day after his wedding with Meghan Markle, prince Harry is back in the chapel of St. George of Windsor. This Saturday, may 18, 2019, the duke of Sussex, had joined the british royal family to attend the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor with Thomas Kingston. The young dad has been a high-profile arrival, accompanied by a certain Sophie Winkleman.

Stayed at Frogmore Cottage to pamper his little Archie, born on the 6th of may last, Meghan Markle was the great absent of the day. Her husband is all the same came, but far from being single, prince Harry is shown at the arms of a pretty brunette who, like his wife, is an actress. This British 38-year-old is the wife of Lord Frederick Windsor, son of prince Michael of Kent, and therefore, brother of the bride, Gabriella Windsor. Sophie Winkleman is famous for having played the role of Susan in The chronicles of Narnia in 2005. She also appeared in the series The Palace and My uncle Charlie. Married to Frederick Windsor since 2009, the couple has since welcomed two daughters, Maud and Isabella, born in 2013 and 2016.

It is with his father, prince Michael of Kent, cousin of the queen, as the bride made her arrival in a vintage car. Lady Gabriella Windsor appeared radiant in her lace dress and tulle signed by the Italian designer Luisa Beccaria. The British 38-year-old completed her look with a tiara Russian-style fringe is not unknown because it has already been worn by her grandmother, princess Marina, duchess of Kent, and then by his mother, princess Michael of Kent, for their marriages. Elegant in his suit with tails, Thomas Kingston, is arrived escorted by his witness. Former negotiator in the hostage-taking in Baghdad in the early 2000s, the British 40-year-old, ex-boyfriend of Pippa Middleton, now works in finance. After four years of romance, Gabriella Windsor and her boyfriend had announced their engagement last September.