Prince Harry : The young dad Archie evokes the loss of Lady Diana

Now dad since may 6, 2019 with the birth of his first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, born of his marriage with Meghan Markle, prince Harry is on a cloud of happiness. However, he did not forget his professional missions, and three days after the birth of his beloved, he went to the netherlands for the press conference of the upcoming Invictus Games, a sporting event created for wounded soldiers. During his trip, the duke of Sussex (34 years old) met with a former member of the army 31 years of age, who wishes to participate in the event. They both did a little bike ride and were able to discuss. An exchange upsetting between the two men, who have experienced the death of their mother.

Dennis van der Stroon had the honor of having a conversation, moving with prince Harry where they touched on subjects at once intimate but universal : the arrival of a child – his wife is pregnant with their first baby – and the loss of a loved one. The website of People Magazine reports the words of the former Dutch soldier who was delighted with this exchange : “We talked of my wife, who is expecting our first child, a daughter, and prince Harry told me how the birth of his son was a unique moment. He told me how to care for a child so young was her new priority. I told him that a few months ago, I was struggling with my mental illness, but that the pregnancy of my wife has given me a new purpose. But most importantly, he told me that he had been upset by the miracle of life and he realizes that his son makes a lot of people happy. He also confided that he was very glad that his boy was very quiet for the moment, but he told me also not to make too many plans, because you can’t predict when the baby arrives.

Then, the milf has addressed the pain that they share, the death of their mother. If Lady Diana died on the eve of the 13 years of his son, the mother of Dennis died five years ago of a disease to the lungs. Shortly after, he was detected to the disorder of post traumatic stress. “We talked about our lived experience, that of having lost our mom. He told me that losing a mother is like not to feel safe, we need this as the son and how everything collapses when it loses its mother. He told me you have spoken, through his work, a lot of people who have lost a family member and when he hears their story, he told me that he feels less alone, “explained the veteran of the army about the prince Harry, younger dad more affecting than ever.