Prince William : The death of his mother Diana, “a pain like no other”

For prince William, the modesty which the Uk can demonstrate with their feelings is not always good to take : “We are nervous with our emotions, sometimes a little embarrassed. The thing with the stoicism of the English, it is good and we need to demonstrate this occasionally when the times are very hard. There’s a time for that. But otherwise, we need to relax a bit and be able to talk about our emotions because we are not robots.”

The premature death of his mother is not the only test to which the father of George (5 years), Charlotte (4 years old) and Louis (1 year) had to face. Driver paramedic between 2015 and 2017, he admits that this work has left her “very depressed, with negative feelings, to think that death is around the corner wherever you may go“. “It is a heavy burden to carry and feel“, he added.