Princess Märtha-Louise : In a relationship with a shaman, Durek, she proclaims her love

Nearly three years after her divorce from Ari Behn, epilogue inevitable, a marriage that, at the end of fourteen years, was withered, the princess Märtha-Louise of Norway has found his “soul mate” and “love isunconditional“, to the point of formalizing this relationship in the rules of the art 2.0 : revelation on Instagram, long flaming text effect, photographs taken by a professional… One could think of the engagement royal !

Princess Märtha-Louise love of the shaman : a “boyfriend” dubbed by the “sister” Gwyneth Paltrow…

Strangely – or not, the strangeness is somewhat his trademark – that is, the occasion of the feast of Mothers in the United States, Sunday may 12, 2019, the daughter of king Harald V and queen Sonja of Norway has presented its lovers : Shaman Durek, a shaman that seem to be close to the very spiritual actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband, Brad Falchuk, he called it a “sister” and “brother” in a post Instagram April 25, on the occasion of the one time “family” in Los Angeles.

When one finds his soul mate, as we all know. I had the chance to find the mine, has written a princess Märtha-Louise, aged 47 years and a mother of three daughters from his union past, Maud Angelica (age 16), Leah Isadora (age 14) and Emma Tallulah (10 years). Shaman Durek has changed my life, as it changed that of many others. Thanks to him, I realized that unconditional love exists on this planet. He accepts me as I am, without doubt or fear. He makes me laugh more than anyone else, has the most profound wisdoms to share, as well as all the aspects that derive from the diversity of his being. I am so happy and I am so lucky that he was my boyfriend. Thank you my love, for making me enter so generously in your family. I love you, of this eternity and the next.

Kindred souls “for eternity… and the next” : haters, calmos !

The message of the sister of crown prince Haakon of Norway is then increased from a few developments directly aimed at those who keep an evil eye, or mocking, this relationship also incandescent that footprint of spirituality : “And to those of you who will feel the need to criticize : be calm. It is not up to you to choose for me or to judge me. I do not choose my man, so as to satisfy the least of you, nor any standard or box in which you decided, in your mind, that I had to be. I am not fulfilled not in here, no more I exists in the illusion that you made to me. My choice is love, which to me dictates. That is all. It’s simple : Shaman Durek is a man with whom I like to spend time and that fills me. So thank you to respect my actions and my choice to have him for a partner. All I know for now is that we love each other and I’m super happy. Spend a wonderful Sunday of Mother’s day full of love (for the U.s.) #amourinconditionel #nouvelamour #boyfriend #love.

A point in which we find the refusal of the judgment, the questioning of social norms and values of openness and tolerance so dear to Märtha-Louise of Norway, the route is very atypical has not been without expose, precisely, to the judgments of public opinion and controversy. Physiotherapist training, founder of a school , teaching methods of alternative healing, and the author of folk tales, among other activities, the princess has often raised a few eyebrows claiming to have a gift of communicating with the angels (but not with the dead) and animals. Which, themselves, do not perceive, as she pointed out, for example, in 2016 in the journal Equilife, addressing his agreement with the horses, large “refuge” of his life : “The horse didn’t care whether I was a princess or the girl next door. The horse was judging me not based on a statute or a patrimony as a lot of people have done it, he reacted just myself. Without second thoughts, without sycophancy, without judgment or shortcut for the fact that I am a princess. If I sent the right signals, it was what I was saying ; otherwise, he did not. It is as simple as that. I quickly realized that the horses were as sensitive as me. They were also fearful, suspicious, annoying, courageous, spiritual, solid, strong and receptive as me. I understood it. And I felt that I could understand.

This is what I feel with princess Märtha-Louise : the pure acceptance of my multidimensional being. Not only the shaman”, he continues, but also the woman in me, the strong man in me, the little boy, the jaguar, the scientific and the angel, and others.

The shaman Durek is on the same wavelength as his “girlfriend” and has simultaneously published a message just as explicit and eloquent, along with other images from the same photo session led by Daryl Henderson. “Life is enveloped in grace and beauty when one falls in love, has written the spiritual guide on his own account, Instagram, checked, where it is followed to this day by almost 120 000 subscribers. Something in us becomes more sweet, so indescribable but we feel in the depths of our soul. And then our eyes see more clearly, the self and the other, with the same glow that the heart feels.” And also, in turn, welcomes the love “unconditional” that princess Märtha-Louise is, in a “pure acceptance of his multidimensional being” : “it isNot only the shaman”, he continues, but also the woman in me, the strong man in me, the little boy, the jaguar, the scientific and the angel, and others. All to receive the love of the Goddess, whom I honor and whom I worship. In his arms I can cry when I’m sad or hurt and to laugh at life and its many complexities. A strong woman who lets me be myself, without judgment or imprisonment. I’m free when I’m with her, free to be me and to love a woman who is a shining light of wisdom, of profound thanks and immense beauty.” That’s it.