Queen Maxima : Caliente in Seville on the dance floor, with family at the feria !

Twenty years after their love at first sight, the king Willem-Alexander of the netherlands and his wife, queen Máxima (née Zorreguieta) replongés with delight in the fever of seville, who had accompanied the first chapter of their love. And the fever has again taken hold of them, Friday 10 may 2019, as well as their three daughters, who were on the trip in Andalusia.

A few days after the taste lies in the centre of the hustle and bustle of the celebrations of the Feast of the King for the 53rd anniversary of the sovereign, Willem-Alexander, Maxima, Catharina-Amalia (15 years), Alexia (13 years) and Ariane (12 years) have kept the festive spirit and took part in the vibrant Feria de Abril, which, in fact, from April, was held this year from 4 to may 11. It is here, in this atmosphere of madness, between costumes typical andalusian, horses and flamenco, as the son of Beatrix of the netherlands had made the acquaintance of the woman who would become his wife, his queen. He had told her to be called simply “Alexander”, on this day of April 1999 when a common friend had played the entremetteuses and had presented one to the other at the stand of the royal Club of aviation of Seville (a club very, very closed, where Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly were in their time their entries). Later, he had confessed to be a prince and heir to the throne of the netherlands ; she had believed it to be a joke. The jokes, the shorter being the best, it had soon become very serious between them : two weeks later, the prince of Orange was to meet his girlfriend in argentina to New York, where this specialist of the international finance worked as a vice-president of the division of emerging markets within the banking group Dresdner Kleinwort Benson. On march 30, 2001, less than two years after they met, they were married

A love of feria

Since then, three beautiful girls came to sublimate their union, and it is with them that the king Willem-Alexander and queen Maxima of the netherlands, still as enamoured of one another, are income to the places where their love is born. A pilgrimage that he had been hard not to notice : Friday 10 may, the whole family has gone through Seville on a pram to get to the exhibition centre and these ladies all wearing dresses of flamenco to vibrant colours : electric blue (and shawl fuchsia), yellow canary for Catharina-Amalia, turquoise for Alexia and red with white polka dots for Ariane. A pity that the king did not played the game in a costume bullfighter ! Once on site, they took advantage of the atmosphere boiling, dancing and tapas, but also for a reunion warm with a few of the many friends they have in Spain, to the image including Miriam Ungria, widow of prince Kardam of Bulgaria, or of Simoneta Gomez-Acebo, a first cousin of king Felipe VI, and Pia Getty, a sister of princess Marie-Chantal of Greece.

Arrived on Thursday in the city of andalusia, the king and the queen were Friday guests of honor at the booth of the royal Club, nicknamed simply “Aero”, on which they had met twenty years before. The crown princess was introduced to the seville, the dance star of the feria, with Jose Antonio Ruiz-Berdejo, the husband of Pia Getty. The evening came, the four women in the life of Willem-Alexander of the netherlands has changed from held , and it was the turn of Maxima to impress on the dance floor, burning and rippling in the arms of Toni Benjumea (a member of the family who founded the giant Spanish energy Abengoa), his partner of rumba inflamed in his recovery, A puro dolor, song for Omar Alfanno. An unexpected performance and muy caliente !