Rendez-vous in an unknown land : The new guest announced, photo of the start !

On the 19th of last march, viewers have discovered the face of Raphaël de Casabianca, replacing Frédéric Lopez to the presentation of the show Rendez-vous in an unknown land. For its first in the program, the traveler 38-year-old had traveled in the Himalayas with Franck Gastambide. Two months after this broadcast, is looking for new adventures and delightful company.

For his 24th number, Rendez-vous in an unknown land has prompted Estelle Lefebure from mop to the other side of the world. The model has agreed to be guided by the new presenter, and the duo flew away on Saturday, may 18 for a couple of days of shooting. And the sublime ex-wife of David Hallyday ‘s going to live a wonderful days in Kenya. At more than 2500 meters of altitude, it will make the acquaintance of families samburues, herders of cattle who live in the middle of the mountains in the savannas of the Great Rift valley.

As you can see on the photo in the starting, unveiled by Raphaël de Casabianca on Instagram, the woman 53-year-old, mom ofEmma Smet (21 years old), Ilona (24 years old) and Giuliano (8 years old), born of his romance with Pascal Ramette, seems to be enchanted to leave. Smiling and making a V for victory with your fingers, the star does not seem to scared to fly in an unknown land.