Romane Bohringer in Cannes : his feet lacerated by her high heels

Behind the scenes of Cannes are a lot less dream that the luxurious outfits of the stars. Present at the Cannes film Festival as a member of the jury for the Gold Eye, Romane Bohringer unveiled on Instagram a shot of his feet damaged after its ascent of the stairs.

As she walked the red carpet on the occasion of the screening of the film The Dead Don’t Die , Jim Jarmusch, the actress of 45 years has seen his feet are compressed by high heels are particularly harsh. “The problem at Cannes, it’s the heels, “she wrote in the caption of a photo very eloquent. Her feet are truly lacerated and reddened by his shoes. The subscribers of Romane Bohringer have been more than 2 300 to support his / her photo. “This is so much the opposite of the worship of the beauty of social networks and the Cannes film Festival, I love it, “said one internet user.

It is true that when you have a look to the red carpets of Cannes, the heels are almost mandatory for the stars. So a false rumor , and saying in 2015 that some women had been asked to leave the red carpet to be remained flat. A controversy quickly extinguished by the officers of the festival.