Samsung Galaxy Fold : the smartphone foldable takes behind again

After many of the problems encountered by the beta-testers (even if our copy has suffered no worries), Samsung has decided to push back the release of the Galaxy Fold in order to strengthen the smartphone by extending the protective film covering the screen (which had been removed by some testers), but also by decreasing the space at the level of the hinge, which, on the first version, allowed fine dust particles from slipping under the screen. If the problems seemed to have been resolved by the firm, The Korean Times claims that the Galaxy Fold should not happen anytime soon on the shelves.

Initially planned for 26 April in the United States, and the last 3 may in France, the first smartphone foldable Samsung takes behind again. If the south-Korean company was a launch ” in the coming weeks “ last month, and that several sources indicated a output in the month of June, the future buyers of the Galaxy Fold will still have to wait a bit before putting the hand on the smartphone foldable.

The Korean Times indicates today that the Galaxy Fold should not be launched until July at the earliest. It could be that Samsung has encountered difficulties in correcting the concerns related to its smartphone foldable, and even if the manufacturer remains discreet on the corrections made. ” The improvement process is extremely confidential, and the comments of the sources to the telecommunications industry may not be confirmed,” said Samsung.

Best Buy has also cancelled purely and simply all the pre-orders for the smartphone foldable Samsung, which would seem to indicate that it is not necessary to expect an exit anytime soon.