Samsung Smart TV : first look at the app Apple TV and AirPlay 2

Since yesterday, the Apple TV is officially exit the garden closed platforms of Apple : the app is available on all Samsung Smart tvs released this year, and on a selection of tvs the last year. In the meantime, the video display remote AirPlay 2 is also offered on these tvs (read : Apple TV and AirPlay 2 available on Samsung tvs).

To take advantage of the happy owners of these posts tv can go on the app store of Samsung and search for ‘Apple TV’. An update to the firmware of the tv can also be essential for the models to 2018.

For Dominique, who provides us with some photos of the new application on his superb tv QLED 8K (model QE75Q900R), things went even more easily : the app Apple TV was waiting quietly in the Applications menu of the tv. It is simply merely add it to the dock.

The interface and the ergonomics are very similar to what offers app Apple TV on the Apple TV (everyone following ?). We find the catalogue of films and series from the iTunes Store, the library of video content iTunes rented or purchased, the channels Apple TV (limited to the United States and Canada for the moment), and, from this autumn, the streaming service TV+.

Dominique has logically pointed out that the contents such as those of Molotov and myCanal were not aggregated in the app to the Apple TV. This, despite the presence of apps for both services on the tv, but the bridges between the Smart TV and the application has not yet been developed. This is a (recent ?) privilege of the enclosure Apple TV !

The application settings Apple TV will be familiar to all those who have already had the box Apple TV under the eyes. There are privacy preferences, restrictions, management accounts, etc

The settings of the Smart TV welcome to new settings for AirPlay. These settings, whose interface reminds us inevitably of the Apple TV, the ability to create a code allowing the dissemination of the video from a video device to the tv.

The tv appears in the control center of the iPhone, as well as in the AirPlay menu under macOS. Just select to stream the video content to the device, or just the video mirroring of the Mac (it may also extend the computer desktop on the tv). This also works with the Touch Bar !

Dominique explained to us that if the video mirroring was bugs this morning, including freezes of the screen, everything was back in order this evening.

Apple maintains an updated list of tvs Samsung, Sony, LG and Vizio are compatible with AirPlay 2. Boxes Roku could also offer support for the wireless protocol, which would make it a cheap alternative.

The Samsung Smart TV are unique in that they only offer the app to the Apple TV, AirPlay 2. On the other hand, tvs from the Korean manufacturer does not integrate HomeKit, while it is the case of the other partners of Apple… Samsung tv sets that are compatible with AirPlay 2 are the following :

  • QLED Samsung (2019 and 2018)

  • Series 8 Samsung (2019 and 2018)

  • 7 series Samsung (2019 and 2018)

  • Series 6 Samsung (2019 and 2018)

  • Series 5 Samsung (2019 and 2018)

  • Series 4 Samsung (2019 and 2018)