Samuel, winner of Top Chef 2019 : “I shared my winnings with William”

After 14 weeks of competition, Samuel has been crowned winner of Top Chef 10 (M6). A great final that he played in front of William, his sidekick since the beginning of the adventure. But if Samuel has pocketed 100,000 euros promised to the winner, his friend is not left out as explained to us the winner to the exclusivity

Samuel won a nice amount… that he decided to share. “We were super-buddies, and before the final, it was said that it would not be desirable that there should be one that has everything and the other nothing“, we he says. It is thus that the two cooks have sealed their friendship : the winner was expected to pay 10% of the sum to his friend finalist. Samuel has offered 10,000 euros to Guillaume. “It was obvious, immediately, when we spoke, there was agreement on it“, says the winner.

The two candidates have won eur 10 000 and 90 000 euros… but above all a beautiful friendship !

With the remaining money, the young chef has lovely projects. “I’m going to put it all in the opening of a restaurant. I want to go back to Angers, in my city of origin, and to be able to open an establishment. The purpose is to share a moment with the people of my region, my family, my loved ones and all those who want it, of course !“, we he says. For his part, William has already opened his institution, The Mist, to Brest.

Remember that Samuel and William have evolved within the same team in Top Chef 10, Michel Sarran. And then, in full career, Samuel has been retrieved by Philippe Etchebest… to which he offered a beautiful victory !

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