Sarah Lopez (Moundir 4) injured : The scene we did not view

After Secret Story 10 – and The Angels 9 and The Villa of broken hearts 4, Sarah Lopez has embarked on a new adventure. The young woman 28-year-old flew to Thailand to participate in Moundir and apprentices adventurers 4.

On the spot, she discovered that she was in a pair with Jonathan (The Princes 6), as she recalled in her interview for Purepeople. Good news for Sarah Lopez : “Personally, I would rather go with someone I didn’t know. At least, there were no grudges, stories… I didn’t want to fall out with a g. So when I saw John land, I said to myself : ‘Very well.’” The beautiful brown about him feared a little bit to end up with a woman he did not know : “Personally, I dreaded. We don’t d’a priori, but it is not safe from falling on someone who does not share our vision. When one is in competition mode, it’s complicated. (…) But I had a lot of luck, it has been matched.

In the first episode, Sarah Lopez has surprised some viewers by showing up in a dress and heels. “I’m like that. I wanted to impose my style from the beginning. I told myself that this was not an issue of adventure that would change my style of dress. (…) But I soon gave up the heels, “she justified.

But this choice could have cost him dearly, as she revealed to us : “I fell in arriving. My heel sank in the sand and I twisted the ankle. But more fear than harm. Fortunately because breaking the ankle during the arrival, it would have been a bit of a beast.

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