Sasha Obama : daughter of Barack shows his love

Participate to her first prom, to a young teenager, it is a little the essential step to become a real woman. This evening, it is clearly one of the most important to any american girl who respects himself. We are beautiful, we have to choose the dress, the make-up and most of all : It decides the boy will have the chance to accompany.

Finally the chance… Not sure that Chris Milton is very comfortable in the face of the daddy of his girlfriend, Barack Obama. Recall that the papa-hen had repeatedly said to be very jealous vis-à-vis its two girls loved. One follower commented : “His gaze has the air of saying : ‘I am going to play, but not too much, sir.’ XD”

For the occasion, Sasha Obama (aged 17 years) has not done things by half. She is wearing a dress of black satin very sexy but also very split. To accompany it, Chris Milton has chosen the inevitable smoking of course. Reverse satin, buttons, “studs”, shirt dickies pleated and bow tie… The young man put the packet in order to impress his beautiful.

His mom Michelle and sister Malia (age 20) were present this evening. By contrast, Barack Obama was mysteriously absent. The dad would have-he was afraid to see his little girl in the arms of a young man ? Unless it is just to prevent a few members of the secret services to monitor this dear Chris. “The young man has the air of see of the intelligence services in his device in all of these pictures, lol”, joked one user. Anyway, Sasha has become a beautiful young woman and her father can be proud of.