Scooter electric : helmet and gloves soon to be mandatory ?

Scooters electric have made their nests in the French cities so quickly that the legislation that surrounds them is still somewhat vague, despite their increasing use. This is a new headache for the authorities, but it seems that change is looming on the horizon : the mandatory wearing of a helmet and gloves, and a whole series of measures.

The wearing of a safety helmet and gloves could soon be made mandatory to all users of scooters electrical. It is in any case the proposal of Laurianne Rossi, member of The Republic on (LaRem) of the Hauts-de-Seine, which proposes to put in place a series of measures to secure the practice of the two-wheeled electrified.

“In terms of security, I believe that it is necessary to go much further and make it mandatory that both the helmet and gloves,”said the mp LaRem in micro BFMTV.

Laurianne Rossi has also mentioned wanting to set up a ” buzzer “ and a ” reflecting device in the front and the rear, to protect against and report them. “ The mp also indicates want to make insurance mandatory, but also ” punish the unclamping of these devices : today we have scooters that have been tampered with, which go up to 70 or even 80 km/h. “

The mp LaRem, Hauts-de-Seine has also stated that it would ” give a real status for these devices : integrate the Code of the road, in the highway safety code. “ As scooters, electric multiply, the time to adopt legislation to regulate the use approach. The Mayor of Paris has already started by banning the use of the scooter electric on the sidewalks of the capital, under penalty of incurring a fine of 135 euros.