Scout Series : a shell that is hardened for the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard Folio

The Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro 2018 protects the back and screen of the tablet. But the slices are left in the open air, which will quickly painful in the event the device is dropped. UAG has to propose a solution with the Scout Series, a shell hardened that meets military standards for drops.

The shell covers not only the back of the iPad, but also the slices, and there’s even a little holder for the Pencil which will remain in place while charging. This product is a practical (and surprising) that it works with the Smart Keyboard-Folio — in fact, the keyboard from Apple is required with the Scout Series. The bottom of the accessory is adjustable to take into account the stand of the Smart Keyboard.

After all, why not, this product may be an aid very useful for the backpackers who wound their iPad Pro from anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, it is a solution that ends up back quite expensive : the price of Scout Series (46 € for the 11-inch, 55 € for a 12.9 inches), it is necessary to add that the keyboard of Apple which is not specially given (199 € or 219 €).

In these conditions, why not focus on the Slim Folio from Logitech, which protects also the integrity of the iPad while offering a keyboard more complete than the one from Apple ? All for less, from 120 € (read our test).