Secret Story : An ex-candidate, fully naked, the photo is surprising !

Swimming pool that she took advantage… fully naked ! On Instagram, the one that the sex tape had caused a scandal during its passage through the House of Secrets has published a nice photo of it back in its pool, facing the sea and the buttocks in the air ! In comments, some have deemed the photo too risque. But the vast majority of internet users is shown under the charm of the beautiful curve of Barbara Opsomer. “Gorgeous photo for a gorgeous woman, “one can for example read.

This is not the first time that the young woman reveals her dream silhouette. In fact, last June, while passing a good time in Tel-Aviv, Israel, the singer was surprised by appearing topless in the arms of a mysterious young man. Of photos that had obviously enchanted his more than 400,000 fans on the social network for sharing images.