Secrets 3.0 : upgrades for the vault to the passwords

The vault to the passwords Secret password the third, as well on iOS as on macOS. No revolution in sight, the software keeps its interface and its main features on the two platforms, such as management by key words, the generation of passwords or the extension Safari well in practice (read : in the hand of Secrets, a safe to the passwords simple and effective).

However, the developer Paulo Andrade has improved in some points. It thus becomes possible to add one or multiple attachments to an id, this can be an image, a text file, a document, Numbers, whatever you want. Secrets can then preview the Quick Look of the attached file. The feature, available on both iOS that on macOS, also allows you to share the document.

Another new feature, the app now knows to spell a password verbally. This can be handy if you need a password on a device on which Secret was not installed (to enter the password Wi-Fi on a connected tv, for example). The function supports 11 languages, including French.

On iPad, the software now includes a lot of keyboard shortcuts. There is a little bit of everything to be more productive, including the quick display of the identifiers and vulnerable and weak passwords, or even specific categories. The arrow keys are also supported to easily navigate through the app.

Finally, the developer has decided to build on the library libsodium for the encryption of the data stored in the software, instead of OpenPGP. Paulo explains that libsodium is best suited to the storage of Secrets, but he points out that OpenPGP will always be used to secure other functions.

Secrets 3.0 is available free of charge on the stores respective Apple (iOS, macOS). The storage is limited to 10 items, but to be able to register an unlimited number of identifiers, it is necessary to perform an in-app purchase (no subscription) 21,99 € on iOS, and the same rate on the macOS. This is an update, not a new app : if you previously purchased the software, you are entitled to the new version free of charge.