Serial Killer : Five documentaries and series to see on the platform SVOD

Since the Nineteenth century, science and justice are looking closely at the phenomenon of serial killers. This term is not very old since it was created in the 70s, the headquarters of the FBI (Quantico). Proof, if any were needed, of the difficulty to understand and analyse these figures to be extremely disturbed.

The definition the most common use of this term wants three murders, at least, have been committed by the same person within a time interval. But some of the theses tend to explain that the intrinsic motivations (from fantasies in the majority of cases) are the most important to qualify these acts.

If the atrocities committed by these men and women we révulsent, it is, paradoxically, a real power of fascination in many of us. The literature and the 7th art are quickly seized these “monsters of the daily” to make it the centerpiece of some of the works. Last year, we had concocted a folder on the best movies dealing with the phenomenon.

The following list is comprised mostly of documentaries, available on both platforms, sVoD in the most popular. Netflix has quickly understood the public’s enthusiasm for this type of story, and has produced several docu-dramas and series on the subject (and other stories court remained mysterious). Here are a few that are worth the detour.

While Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile was the a of Netflix in highlighting the excellent performance of Zac Efron, why not take a look at the documentary from which it is derived ? Before making the film, Joe Berlinger has first traced minutely the history of the famous serial killer in a documentary in four parts.

If he evades deliberately the evocation of the violence in the film, this documentary takes a party that is more neutral in accumulating evidence against the latter. It is, therefore, the for perfect to better understand the psyche of this killer, which will be held in suspense the whole of America.

This series of documentary Netflix in four parts, focuses on the great criminals of our time. Each episode analysis, however, the major differences that separate the killers from mass. The opportunity to understand the fundamental differences between a hitman, a serial killer, a drug lord or a leader of a sect. However, the majority of these individuals share one thing in common : a certain gift for handling.

Jeffrey Dahmer El Chapo Guzman through Joseph Fritzl, the series provides a panorama of convincing enough of those characters who does not find salvation only through violence. We will advise you before the whole of the first episode, devoted to serial killers, which brings together the views of profilers and neurologists on the subject.

Immortalized by the film ” Monster “ (Patty Jenkins,2003), where it was embodied by the actress Charlize Theron, Aileen Wuornos, is considered the first serial killer in the United States. Sentenced to death in 2002 for killing seven men (in a year) while she was exercising the profession of a prostitute, she was the subject of a highly-publicised trial. Nick Broomfield followed him for long months and has traced its existence tortured to understand the reasons for its passage to the act and the explosion of violence that followed. A testimony is compiled in the documentary Aileen : The Life and Death of a Serial Killer and available on Amazon Prime Video.

Moreover, it has also elicited a form of emotion among some viewers. If it appears clearly disturbed and dangerous for the society, his case is also the trial of an America that is poor and populated left behind. It also shows how a childhood chaotic can have disastrous consequences on the rest of a life. To discover.

Netflix also offers two series particularly realistic on the phenomenon, which have their place in our selection. They do not simply simply put in the scene of the murders have taken place, but the psychological mechanisms at work among the people that perpetuate them.

Mindhunter is a fascinating series in many ways. It traces in fact the genesis of the profiling of serial killers the most formidable in the United States. It is inspired by the work of two agents of the FBI, John E. Douglas and Robert Ressler (named here Holden Ford and Bill Tench), who interviewed many serial killers and enormously contributed to this new science.

Very faithful to the book, the series boasts an understated, but effective and the actors who play the killers are brilliant. The different directors who worked on it (including the famous David Fincher) have decided not to really show graphic violence, and let the stories glaçants keep us in suspense. We advise you to combine it with the interview of Stephane Bourgoin, listed below. We can not wait for season 2 !

Manhunt : the Unabomber is gone relatively unnoticed on Netflix, and it is a pity. This series of eight components focuses on the case of Theodore Kaczynski, known as the “Unabomber” by the american press. His campaign of terror, which was to send parcel bombs explosives to the four corners of the country, the closer to a terrorist. The latter claimed to fight against the industrial society, technology and progress in general, as he has said in a long manifesto.

Hunt down this hermit brilliant but deeply neurotic will have lasted for 18 years, where the latter will be done in three dead and 23 injured. The series sheds light on this crazy hunt, while addressing the psychology skimped on the character, which has resulted in the implementation of its plan. Very recommendable.

If you’re interested, why don’t you sit down at the table of the real serial killers mentioned in these documentaries ? It is good, Stéphane Bourgoin, one of the leading specialists of serial killers in the world, has spent a good part of its existence to the query. Some of his interviews are available on YouTube, and allow you to listen to the confessions of the most famous of them.

Edmund Kemper, Otis Toole, Gerard Schaeffer… All the criminals that Bourgoin was able to get comfortable to ” sit at the table “. As you will see, they are gracious and some are showing a great intelligence. This short documentary in five parts opens up the doors to evil.