Sharon Stone, divine at 61 years old, reveals her breasts for a special sex

Sharon Stone has never been short of style or panache. Since the Cannes film Festival 1992, edition during which she presented Basic Instinct alongside Michael Douglas and director Paul Verhoeven, the actress is a sex symbol. Naturally, the Portuguese edition of the magazine Vogue has chosen it for his special sex.

At 61 years old, Sharon Stone has the honors of the magazine Vogue. It’s photographed in black and white by the photographer slovenian Branislav Simoncik. Two blankets are offered to the public. On the first, Sharon Stone appears in a leotard and fishnets in a pose conquering and explicit that reminds women dominating and sensual Helmut Newton. On the second, it floats on the surface of the water that goes back to his line flourished, and reveals her breast divine.

This month, the two editions of Vogue in honor of women 60 years of age. Sharon Stone in Portugal, but also Madonna, on the cover of the british edition. In the interview, the pop star commented on precisely this question of the age : “We have always tried to reduce it to silence, for one reason or another. I was told that I wasn’t cute enough, that I wasn’t singing well enough, that I wasn’t quite talented or quite row. And now, it is because I am not young enough. I find myself to fight ageism [which includes all forms of discrimination and contempt based on age, ED.] because it punishes me for having had 60 years ago.”

While Madonna released a new album (Madame X, on the 14th of June) and announce a world tour, Sharon Stone does not lack exciting projects. On television, she is expected in The New Pope, alongside Jude Law, but also in Ratched, a new series from Ryan Murphy for Netflix. And the actress is going to give a reply to Robert de Niro and Meryl Streep in a new movie signed Martin Scorsese. This feature film, probably for Netflix also, will mark his reunion with the director in new york, 25 years after their fantastic Casino.