Shazam : The director reveals a cut scene

The director of Shazam tried to find the animation, in a short excerpt cut off at mounting. On his account, Tweeting, David F. Sandberg reveals a small scene between two characters from the cartoon. Originally scheduled to appear in a television, in the background, the scene has never seen the light of day, at least on the screen. In the short excerpt we see a small figure in green, the creature of Frankenstein which doesn’t seem to comfortable with the idea of going to the prom. A scene that echoes with the main message of the film. Several moments the movie focuses on the little importance that must be accorded to appearances.

“For a cut scene, which was supposed to be a bad cartoon into a tv in the background. I saw a chance to make the animation and voices are stupid. This is where I was before that one decides to remove it. “

Dunk like Shazam !

This is not the only cut scene in the feature film which released a few weeks ago, a game of basketball exciting. Shazam tries to dunk and the least we can say is that the result is conclusive.

As a reminder, Shazam relates the adventures of an orphan, Billy Batson. The young man finds himself endowed with strange powers, each time that he pronounces the name of the wizard Shazam, the teen transforms into a super-hero of thirty years old. He will have to adapt to her new condition, earlier than expected, and fight Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. Billy knows how to fly ? Bring forth the lightning from his hands ? He’s going to have to discover. Shazam ! It is Zachary Levi, who embodies the super-hero as Asher Angel lends her traits to Billy Batson. Mark Strong is also in the casting, in the role of Némesis.

Shazam will land on DVD on August 7, next. In the meantime, you can always re-read our critique.