Smash, a WeTransfer French and without a size limit

Smash, this is not only the name of a powerful blow to tennis, it is also the name of a file-sharing service French attack to the very popular WeTransfer.

To attract the photographers and the musicians used to share large files via WeTransfer, Smash employs large means. When the first limit to free shipping up to 2 Gb, the second does not impose any size restrictions. From your browser, you can upload 10 Gb of videos or photos, or even more, Smash will accept them without problem. And this, without having to create an account, an email address is enough, as with most services of this type.

The only consideration that you might be requested is to wait for some time before your download link is not created. Above 2 Gb, the priority is given to Premium users, who have other advantages, including a history of transfers, additional customization options and availability of files for up to 365 days. Smash Premium costs 5 €/month with a one-year commitment or 10 €/month without commitment. Other formulas are proposed for small and large businesses.

The free offer, which serves as the product, is in any case competitive. In addition to the unlimited storage, Smash allows you to keep files for up to 14 days, against 7 days for WeTransfer, and it is possible to set a password as well as customize partially the download page (including its URL), when the leader of the market reserve these options to its formula pay.

There is no advertising, other promotional messages for the service offered. Finally, the French service allows recipients to preview the videos before you download them — in other words, watch them in streaming — when the preview WeTransfer is limited to photos and audio files.

Started in 2016, Smash now has 300 000 users, half of whom are in France. The service has 3 000 paying customers and is aiming for profitability in 2021, with 30,000 subscribers. The start-up lyon, whom we met at the beginning of the week, is in turmoil. Installed recently in the new incubator H7 to Confluence, it was about to close a major fundraising and this week launched a major update of his service.

Preview of a video.

The architecture has been redesigned to be more robust and more modular. Smash selects now the nearest server (the data of the French users remain on the national territory), with a transfer speed optimized. According to our test, Smash is faster on average than WeTransfer.

The service operates the essential infrastructure server Amazon. The data is encrypted in transit with SSL/TLS) and at rest (AES 256 bit). Although the unlimited storage is free and there is no need to create an account, the use of Smash for the hackers is very marginal, we have ensured Remi and Romaric Gouedard-Account, the two brothers co-founders. This is due in part to the ephemeral nature of the files, which disappear at the latest 14 days after their posting. The service also automatically detects suspicious activity, such as abnormal spikes in downloads of specific files.

The team of five people has a road map loaded for the coming months of recruitment are also expected to carry out all the projects. A mobile application, which is sorely lacking (the service is incompatible with mobile browsers), should arrive by the end of the year.

Sure of their product, the Lyonnais do not count add-pub, they are confident in their ability to convert free users into subscribers and to attract new ones. Ultimately, making Smash hit a winner.