Sonic : the hedgehog changes look after the complaints of the fans

The least we can say is that the adaptation of Sonic made an entry booming on the internet this week. The trailer, unveiled Tuesday, is far from unanimous, and the fans of the universe know of their concerns about the internet. It would seem that Paramount has heard their prayers, because in a Tweet, the film’s director, Jeff Fowler, promises a new version of the character in CGI. “Thank you for your support and your critical spirit. The message is clear… You are not satisfied with the design and you want to change. This is what we’re going to do. Everyone at the Paramount, and Sega is committed to making the best adaptation of the character.” If many believe in the hoax, the developer seems very serious and is expected to unveil a new design in the coming weeks. The studios do not specify whether they will seek the views of the public, but it would seem that they are inclined to listen to their fans.

Fraught with risk

The creation of this film has not been easy and the journey is far from over. In stores since 2013, and the acquisition of rights by Sony Entertainment, the movie has experienced many vicissitudes. In 2016, whereas Sony abandons the project, it is Paramount that the recovers.

Jim Carrey saves the house

If the design of the beast hairy was not unanimous, the fans applauded the choice of Jim Carrey to interpret the leading antagonist. He will be joined in the cast by Ben Schwartz ( The Great Adventure Lego) who will lend her voice to the collector of the golden ring. James Marsden (Westworld) will also be of the party in the role of the officer and best friend of Sonic, Tom Wachowski. Behind the camera, Paramount to appeal to a filmmaker nominated for an academy award for his animated short film Gopher Broke.

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Sonic The Hedgehog is planned in room for next November.