Sosh extends its promo 20 Gb at $ 9.99/month for a year

If Orange says Sosh will not surrender to the promotions to life, the operator has assigned on another point, the extensions to no end. The promo 20 Gb at $ 9.99/month for a year has been renewed for a umpteenth time.

Started on the 1st of April, it was supposed to be completed by April 15, then 23, then 30 and then may 7. Finally, it will continue until the 14th of may… and maybe beyond as it is gone. It was a time where Sosh offered for the price of 50 Gb and a SIM card with 5 €…

For memory, 20 Gb are usable in France as in Europe and the package is compatible with the Apple Watch (free of charge for three months and then 5 €/month). The SIM card costs 10 €.

10 €/month became the standard rate promotions for several months. For this price, in SFR RED, one has 30 gb (4 Gb in Europe) currently, and in B&You 40 gb (4 Gb in Europe). These two operators engage in promotional pricing valid for life, but pay attention to the automatic increases.