Sparkle integrates Instagram on its web pages

The application for creating web sites Sparkle is available in a 2.8 release which integrates a number of third-party services. The software, which allows you to create a website without writing a line of code so it can insert a post to Instagram (with or without caption), as well as photos taken from Unsplash.

A new plug-in allows you to copy a design Sketch in a page Sparkle. It is even possible to create image galleries for Photos, a function that makes appear an error in Photos with us. This update increases the novelties that it would be vain to all list here, but one can refer to the release notes of the editor.

Note for example the support of service Continuity control from the Mac to the camera of an iPhone or iPad. New elements make their appearance to search on the site. The SVG format is supported for background images, and it is possible to remove the background of photos taken in portrait mode. You can create a text box with scroll. The application can now import a web site stored locally…

The application, whose interface has the good taste to be translated into French, is free, but limited to the publication of a single site of 3 pages (with watermark). To go further, Sparkle offers a wide variety of in-app purchases, with versions Basic (32,99 €, limit of 10 pages per site), One (54,99 €, number of unlimited pages but not the HTML export on the disk), and Pro (129,99 €, perpetual license but the major updates are not included). A subscription to 75,99 € the year is also offered with all the options enabled.