Specials : AirPods 2 at 166 €, iPhone, XR 256 Gb to 879 €

The new AirPods are 166,69 € on Amazon, it is still better than in the beginning of the week where it was at € 169 (vs. 179 € at Apple). This is the version 2 of the headphones, with the case of charging only Lightning.

If the first generation of AirPods for you, it is 152,09 € (in stock June 10). It does not discounts crazy, but the reductions crazy about a product like the AirPods do not run the streets.

One that embeds itself at a rate much lower than the Apple Store, this is the iPhone XR (blue), here in 256 Gb and to 879 € (1 027 € at Apple). 128 Gb, the best price is the yellow version to 850 € (917 €). In 64-Gb, in the absence of stock short-term on-the-blue, the palm is also up to the yellow to 806 €, otherwise there is the red to 819 € (855 €).