Spotify launches the test As a Thing, a device for cars

No, Spotify is not going to become a builder material. At least, not in the immediate future. But the streaming service does not help in experimenting new things ! The group will therefore launch in a few weeks the test Because Thing, a “gadget car” that connects to the cigarette lighter of the vehicle.

Music for four-wheel

The device connects the driver’s smartphone (wireless) to the audio system of his car. On the screen of the Car Thing, the user will be able to know at a glance the name of the song or the playlist. The buttons will launch playlists that you have previously selected in the application.

The other way to communicate with the Car Thing is the voice. Spotify is developing a voice recognition allowing the driver to start the playback of a song, an album, a playlist or a radio by simply asking verbally, with the primer ” Hey Spotify “.

Spotify wants to know the musical habits of motorists and the way that they have to use the different possibilities of the service. The test Car Thing is going to be limited to the United States, with a “small group ” of subscribers to Premium. The company also indicates that other experiments could be launched, for the Voice Thing and the Home Thing. But for the moment, Spotify has no intention of manufacturing the product to the general public.