Spotify launches a thing for cars

Spotify will test its first physical product. Baptized simply Because Thing, this “thing “for the car” is a module that plugs into the cigarette lighter of the car ; he is the intermediary between the audio system of the vehicle and the driver’s smartphone, which will then ask verbally (via the ” Hey Spotify “) the playback of music or podcasts.

It is clearly the same product as the one announced by the rumor in the beginning of the year (read : The dongle car Spotify would come out this year). The device includes a screen displaying the song or show being played, it also includes access buttons to playlists pre-programmed.

The streaming service wants to be very clear on the purpose of the As Thing : it is a test to identify how users use Spotify in the car. “Our goal remains to become the audio platform number one in the world. Not create the hardware , “says the company. There will (probably) not of large-scale production of this product, that will be experienced in the United States by a small group of Premium members in the coming weeks. Spotify does not prohibit the future to test other devices such as “Voice Thing” or ” Home Thing “.