Spotify turns to the stories of artists

The interface of Spotify on mobile is featuring a new element, the “Storyline”, the principle of which borrows from the Stories of the other apps.

You can see on the title Love Me Less MAX. This cartridge takes the place occupied occasionally by the content “Behind the Lyrics” and his anecdotes about a song and its lyrics. In one case as in the other, these bonuses appear below the buttons control the playback.

Storylines, and Behind the lyrics

One slip up and we find an interface similar to that of a stories, where you type to move from one screen to the other. On this piece, the artist recounts the genesis of its title.

There are no animations or video, just the visual and the text. It is a kind of declension of “Behind the lyrics”, otherwise the content displayed is not synchronized with the listening of the piece, but available freely.