Star Trek : Amazon and CBS signing a deal for a new series

Credits Star Trek

Broadcast on CBS, this new Star Trek will be available within 24 hours on the platform of SVOD in the u.s. giant. A multi-year agreement effective in more than 200 countries, excluding the U.s. and Canada, which should allow the millions of fans of the series worship of find the iconic Sir Patrick Stewart in the role of the equally famous Jean-Luc Picard, a character that the actor of 78 years has embodied on the screen between 1987 and 2002, in the tv series or in movies. For Armando Nuñez, CEO of CBS, this deal sounds like a no-brainer : “For the past 50 years, Star Trek became a sensation in the world and affects generations and audiences of all ages. It is an honor to find Sir Patrick Stewart, for which this is shaping up to be an international expansion of the franchise history”.

Planned before the end of the year 2019, this project, which it is not yet known the exact name will be entirely dedicated to Jean-Luc Picard, in the face of what CBS describes as “a new chapter of his life”, nearly 20 years after the Next Generation.

“We are excited to offer you what we are preparing. I know that Patrick (Stewart, editor’s note) is very impatient. The cast is built in a very beautiful way. But I can tell you nothing more” – Alex Kurtzman, producer of the series during an interview at TrekCore

To the orders of this ambitious project, fans will be able to find Hanelle Culpepper, who will be the first woman to initiate a series Star Trek. A great first therefore, even if the director is not a novice of the genre. In 2017, she had already participated in the writing of two episodes of the series Star Trek : Discovery, also produced by CBS, and aired on Netflix.