Star Wars : The creators of Game of Thrones will be at the helm of the next film

First announced as show runners for a new series, Star Wars, David Benioff and D. B Weiss will be finally writing the next film. So that concludes the saga, Skywalker, Disney is already thinking of the future. “We made a deal with David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, who are famous for Game of Thrones, and the next movie will be them. We shall say no more.” It will therefore have to wait a bit before discovering more about the feature-length film, but it would seem that Ryan Johnson to make his return behind the camera. The director had announced that after his work on Knives Out, he returned to the galaxy of George Lucas. Will he be on a different project, or will be allied to Benioff and Weiss ? Only time will tell.

In 2022

Disney wants to let you breathe, but not too much. The company, which announced a slower pace for the rest of the adventure Star Wars, does that three years between the two series. “We think it is a good idea to take a little break, to determine the result. Now, we will not wait for the release of ” The Rise of Skywalker to begin thinking, working on the film. Three years are needed, not only for a break, but also to prepare for the release of the next film”. The firm’s big-eared slows down the rate of fire therefore, since we proposed a film a year from 2016. But the fans can rest assured that the pace will accelerate in the side of the small screen, since several series are in development for Disney +. The Mandalorian is scheduled for next November, when a series on Cassian Andor was announced last year.

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In the meantime, we will be back in the galaxy with the rise of The Skywalker on December 18. The film marks the return of J. J. Abrams to the achievement and will close the saga of Skywalker, which began in 1977.