Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge : The amusement park is unveiling new photos of

The work of the Disney parks dedicated to the worlds of Star Wars soon ended, and should delight fans of the saga. Located in Orlando, the park “Galaxy s Edge” means we do travel to mythical places such as the cities of Tatooine, or Batuu, to visit the famous cantina or even climb aboard the Millenium Falcon.

The opening is fast approaching as it is scheduled for the 29th of next August. This is the second park of this type because another is going to open its doors next may 31 in Anaheim, California. The exorbitant price (between 105 and 145 us dollars) has apparently not discouraged the fans as all seats for the first three weeks were sold !

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Disney really seems to have put the package to the immersion is total. The firm has recently published a video showing behind the scenes of the construction of the park, which will be the size of about 10 football fields.

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The site of the Disney Fan Club has unveiled pictures allowing to observe in detail some interiors and vessels (you can find all of their photos on We can see beautiful relics of the Jedi, but also of the heads of RathTars or droids IG. There is no doubt that the many extras provided will further strengthen the immersion. Nothing seems to have been left to chance because even the food takes on the appearance of the dishes served in movies.

The timeline explored in this park is expected to be between Star Wars : The Last Jedi and the upcoming Star Wars : the Ascent of Skywalker. A dream of a fan, which is likely to know a phenomenal success across the Atlantic.

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