Starlink : Elon Musk unveils the cluster of nano-satellites that it will disperse during its next shooting test

Credits : SpaceX

It is the 15th of may next will run the next shooting test of the mission StarLink, which is a priority for SpaceX. This will allow the testing of techniques to be put into orbit dozens of small satellites due to the launcher using type Falcon9, now well-known to fans of the firm.

The goal of this project is simple : create a constellation of small satellites interconnected around the globe in order to provide high-speed internet even in areas difficult to access. The devices that are to be sent into space on Wednesday are not quite the same as the next since they will not be able to communicate between them. They will therefore mainly serve as a test equipment for an operation that will be repeated many times in the future.

Credits : SpaceX

Very active on social networks, Elon Musk has shared pictures of a huge stack of 60 satellites which will be installed in the launcher. A photo showing a Tesla in comparison allows a better grasp of the size of the device. Furthermore, he stated that all should not go as planned during the launch.

In the future, it will require six launches of 60 satellites to provide a minimum service, and a dozen to allow an average coverage. This is equivalent to approximately 800 devices placed in low earth orbit. Musk plans to send more than 11 000 term.

It is not of course possible to send launchers galore. Gwynne Shotwell, the technical director, has announced that SpaceX is expected to achieve between two and six launches this year. They should, therefore, intensify in the years to come.