Stop This is the program : Sophie Davant moved to tears live

It is the program stops after twenty-one years of antenna of France 2. Sophie Davant, the host of the show, was invited on Tuesday 14 may 2019 on the board not Touch to my post (C8) to discuss the page is turned. And the journalist of 55 years has had the right to a nice surprise by way of farewell.

Full show, Cyril Hanouna has broadcast video messages from colleagues of Sophie Davant. Damien Thévenot, David Arthur, Louise Petitrenaud… we All have touching words to the one they know since many years in It’s program. A nice surprise for the facilitator who has been very moved.

On the verge of tears, Sophie Davant held to thank the team of the program in which she addressed a few words to his tower. “This is what could make me the most pleasure. It is true that twenty-one years of age, this is not nothing. I met them every day for years, a daily program, it is a soap opera. It is in the lives of some of the others. Every day, we see each other, “she says. And what characterised this issue, I think it was the respect and the goodwill there was between us. There has never been a history between us.

After this beautiful moment of emotion, Sophie Davant has explained on the nickname given to him by one of his comrades, Kekette Blanchette. “I was at the film festival in Deauville on the red carpet, I arrived a little late so I was alone. All of a sudden I see flashes everywhere, I say to myself : ‘All this for me !’, I turn and there was Cate Blanchett behind me…“, she says. His team has, from this anecdote, famous Kekette Blanchette !

For the time being, the date of the last of It is the program has not yet been revealed. But the fans of Sophie Davant is assured, the facilitator remains at the controls ofa bargain, also on France 2.