Stranger Things : A new trailer that smells good sunscreen for the season 3

Credits Netflix

The new season of Stranger Things sortira the 4th of July next on Netflix, and to make us wait a little, the platform SVOD gave us yesterday a new trailer that smells good the holidays, and longing. In this short trailer, we discovered the small town of Hawkins to the municipal swimming pool, under a heat visibly steamy. While the children play in the water, Nancy, Kareen and the mother of Mike seem to at least somewhat interested in Billy Hargrove and his irresistible cut mullet, who plays to perfection its role of lifeguard sexy. A pretty vague reference to the 1980s, winning recipe for the series since its first season, but that should take a dimension that is a little more teenager this year. Eleven, Mike, Dustin and the others have grown up, and if left in the open prom, at the end of season 2, the characters might grow faster than expected during major holidays.

“One summer can change everything”, this is the credo of this new season, which promises to set the stage for the teenagers, in situations that are more adult, until now unexploited by the writers of Stranger Things. If, for the moment, this new trailer may seem pretty fuzzy as to its link with the main plot, it was without counting the names of the eight episodes of the new season have already been released. After Suzie you are receiving us, and Like rats, Eleven, and his friends will probably have to deal with The master-swimmer disappeared. A title that does not bode well for the young woman, as you can see in the beginning of the video.