Suicide of Stefanie Sherk : autopsy reveals new information…

In couple since 2011 with model Stefanie Sherk, who was given the death on the 12th of April last, Demian Bichir was very in love with his wife. Since a few years, he tried to accompany it in the face of ill-being and depressive episodes. On his account Instagram, he published a few days after his death : “For me, she was the perfect woman. My soul sister. My best friend. It has made me better, from all points of view. I fell under her charm and mesmerizing from the very first time that my eyes fell on it.”

April 12, 2019, Demian discovered with stupor, his wife, aged 43 years, died at their home in Sherman Oaks in California. Stefanie Sherk and committed suicide by lestant with weights before jumping in their pool. Her husband then tries to revive her but nothing to do, the young woman remains unconscious and succumb eight days later in the hospital. Thus, the autopsy of the young woman reveals that the cause of death is “the result of the lack of oxygen, mainly in the brain, produced by an episode of drowning voluntary”.

Followed for depression for several years, Stefanie Sherk would have been devastated by the death of his grandmother, but also of his dog, which occurred recently. The young woman also suffered d‘”insomnia catastrophic” caused by the Lunesta. Stefanie Sherk was trying to wean yourself off of the Xanax since only two days when she is given the death in it. It would have prevented one of her friends to his suicidal ideation a few days earlier. It had then alerted his family and tried to discourage her… but In vain.

The actor mexicano-american has posted a tribute to his wife on his account Instagram : “It is with a pain inconceivable that I announce that the April 20, 2019 our very dear Stefanie Sherk, my beloved wife and loving, passed away peacefully. This is the period of the most sad and hardest of our lives and we don’t know how long it will take us to overcome this pain. The angelic presence and talented Stefanie will be greatly missed. “