Suicide Steve Dymond : His ex-wife happy that he is burning in hell”

Steve Dymond has been found dead ten days after he participated in the show uk Jeremy Kyle Show. The broadcast, which the broadcast has been cancelled, was to determine if this man 63-year-old had cheated on his girlfriend. He would have succumbed to an overdose of morphine, and the Sun announced that it had given the death after the end of his relationship with his last fiancee.

The announcement of the death of Steve Dymond has pushed his ex-wife to testify. According to her, it was the worst of the monsters. “I want people to know the truth. It was a liar compulsive disorder. See that it inspires sadness to people is horrible. What he did was horrific, “said Dianne Healing in the Daily Mail. This woman is 48-year-old recounts the day when she realized that he was violent : “One day, I put it back in its place for his behavior. I caught her by the shoulders, I was raised as if I was as light as a feather and I was balanced on the ground.”

Speaking directly to her ex-husband, she said : “I hope you burn in hell.” “I’m glad he is dead, “says Dianne Healing, which explains you have lived for more than fifteen years under the constant threat of this man. “You should know that I almost never left my house for the last fifteen years because of him. My girls and I are finally relieved“says the mother of a family. Dianne Healing and Steve Dymond were married in October 2004, only “a few months” after their meeting.

ITV, the channel that was broadcasting the Jeremy Kyle Show, said it was ready to cooperate with the police. According to the Sun, an investigation would be underway to explain the reasons for his death.