Swift Playgrounds 3.0 : new tutorials to develop around the photo

Swift Playgrounds, the iPad application introduction to the programming language Apple has received a major update to 3.0, the first revision since November. This may be an opportunity to relaunch the app if you have exhausted the tutorials.

It is enough to launch new achievements, in particular around the photo and the audio. Improvements are also included for the debugging of its code.

The application and its contents are translated into French, and she is of course free of charge.

Release Notes

• Add your own files Swift shared to your playgrounds

• The code present in your files Swift shared is available on all the pages of your book playground

• New playgrounds to Learn how to code you explain how to use files Swift to create your own camera and photo editor

• The new challenge Workshop sonic uses files that are Swift to create a sound stage with your own instruments

• Touch and drag to the middle of the screen to give more space to your code, or live view

• The control button of the speed can change the outcome of each line of code, which gives you a powerful debugging tool

• Errors in code are grouped in a single pop-up window, allowing you to quickly go to any problem

• Comments and strings in the code are localized in all the supported languages

Advanced features for authors and trainers :

• Add your own modules and files Swift shared to create new, quality content directly in the app

• Administrators can control the subscriptions of users via an MDM solution

• Swift 5 is the default version for all new content