Sylvester Stallone : With his divine wife and daughter, he is faced with a gorilla

Sylvester Stallone has sparked frenzy in the 72nd Festival of Cannes ! Come to present the first images of Rambo V : Last Blood as well as to ensure a masterclass, the superstar of hollywood 72-year-old has also participated in an evening in cannes. With his wife Jennifer Flavin and three daughters Sistine, the actor was guest of honour at the cocktail and dinner Millennium Media organized by the Five Eyes Production on the beach La vie en rose, on may 24, 2019. During the event, the film icon has had the pleasure to discover the work that the artist Richard Orlinski has made in its honor : a “Wild Kong” to a value of 80 000 euros !

If the flashes have crépité upon the arrival of Sylvester Stallone, accompanied by his beautiful wife and daughter in the evening, the guests were also able to enjoy the presence of the ace of laughing, Chris Tucker, who is also come in the family. The star of Rush Hour was in Cannes with his son, Destiny, that he had with his ex-wife Azja Pryor. Siren on the red carpet, Paz Vega was equally sublime during this festival and has been reunited with her partner Rambo.

In this fifth installment of the saga, the famous veteran of the Vietnam War, John Rambo will face off against a cartel, mexican after the abduction of the daughter of a friend. It’s been ten years since the film was announced. According to Allociné, it first had to “ogle the side of science-fiction (it was a question of a soldier genetically modified)“. Then, the project stayed in a drawer, before being revived in 2014 when the rights have been purchased by the German company Splendid Film. The following year, Stallone is considering making a reboot with Ryan Gosling in the role of the veteran. Finally, in early October 2018, photos of the fifth component are revealed, showing Stallone with a look of cowboy. The output of the film is announced on 25 September 2019