[Test] BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! a transition square

We’re back at the controls of Qbby, small square humanoid and the hero of a world in monochrome and minimalist. Facing a series of obstacles (cliffs, peaks mortals, walls, electric), the avatar can either jump or count on a unique power : multiply to form various geometrical figures (line, vertical or horizontal, tetraminos).

These blocks can as well be used of a promontory that of pot (just put them on a ledge and retract itself), or shield to place over his head. Each world (itself divided into 6 or 7 stages) brings a new variant of gameplay the basic concept, and a lot of challenges ahead in digging a bit deeper into the meninges. As much prevent those who do not flourish at the touch of a Baba is You or The Witness : you will not find your account. Here, the only word order that prevails remains “pedagogy” : if the first stage of each world serves as the tutorial guide, the following challenges sketch out a difficulty curve very magnanimous, and it is not uncommon to successfully complete a puzzle the first time.

Of course, you can always count on the presence of collectibles and secondary objectives (to solve a puzzle by restricting the creations of the block, for example) to find a little bit of pepper and puzzles disheveled, but all of this remains purely optional. Clear proof of this approach “casu” is still the way the game rewards us in the end of the table : a currency ingame that will be used to buy new customization options, for the sole pleasure (according to the player profile) to customize our avatars, or items to simplify some of the puzzles. Could you find that damage or crippling as a fan of hardcore genre but this would be to misunderstand the target of the game : an introduction, public and stripped down to the puzzle of spatial and geometric, which will immediately speak to an audience beginner or user friendly. Since the main novelty that brings BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL!, it is first of all to break with the lord of good old Qbby.

It is necessary to admit : if one is familiar of the series, the game disappoints clearly on his solo part. Original ideas are rare, and most of the puzzles lack clear finish and challenges that are consistent. So it is best to retreat on the part cooperative, and his adventure fully playable two, to verify the riches the actual of this new episode. Qbby can now be accompanied by Qucy, his alter-ego, feminine, and capabilities. More complex, the puzzles now rely on a combination of the two avatars, their bodies and their power. This campaign not only has a content of its own, but it avoids the pitfall of the simple extrapolation (two characters = two puzzles identical).

Sometimes, the two characters find themselves in the same space, sometimes they evolve each on their side, asymmetrically. These puzzles have above all the merit of favouring a different approach to the concept : an experience based on communication and experimentation, before moving on to the practice. Any proportion kept (Hal Laboratory has not the genius of Valve) this co-op mode is often to think of the one in Portal 2, as long as it creates real moments of mutual aid, a voltage (do not play if your couple beats of the wing) but also good laugh in the face of absurd situations or puzzles well capillotractées.

It should be noted that this campaign co-op can also be played alone (just switch from one character to the other). If the year is quickly deprived of his or her flavour first (thinking in a duo), it has at least the merit to exist. The players hung will also be able to rejoice in the presence of a third campaign hidden, camped out with an avatar, rectangular (Qudy), the nature of which offers challenges to be a little more full-bodied than the first two adventures.

With its 270 puzzles, its format is perfectly suited to gameplay that is living as a nomad (this is the great merit of his minimalist aesthetic), BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! appears to be the culmination obvious of its licence. This can go for a quality cache is also an important defect : a certain repetition. You can feel it very clearly on some of the tables, which recycles a lot of ideas and challenges already seen in the past. If he wants to continue this series while remaining in the race, HAL Laboratory has any interest to a floor on a new approach to its gameplay, exits to change things in a radical way. The experience can boast of having succeeded in its transition to the multiplayer, to be generous and well thought out, it also seems to have reached the limits of its own concept, until sometimes stutter a bit too opportunistic.